summary of... something

this is a short interactive story that i made for english class in 9th grade. it's supposed to have to do something with the book V for Vendetta, but i only really used that as an excuse to make it. i somehow got a 94% despite turning it in a week late? anyways, i can't totally describe it, since it's meant to be surreal and kinda incoherent. it's not really supposed to make much sense, but i did put a lot of thought into the actual message behind it. the main character is... pretty fucked up, honestly? but while that character does not totally reflect me, it would be hypocritical to claim that they're completely disconnected from myself. i hope that makes a bit of sense. anyways, there's three different endings (technically four but two are identical) so i highly encourage you to get all of them! theyre all very different.

warnings: references to violence, violence towards animals, and generally.. harsh themes